The Benefits Of Waking Up In The Morning

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​In this article I will share information about what are the benefits of getting up in the morning.

My friends like to get up in the morning? If yes then continue so because the benefits of waking up in the morning very much benefit in starting from health and fortune problems.

Do not samapai not wake up in the morning because you will lose the momentum of cool heart that is upset

if you want to wake up in the morning you must fit the previous night sleep at around 8 – 9 sleep early to be able to wake up in the morning and do not stay up if it is not important very important friends.

The benefits of waking up in the morning

1. Fress

Your body will fress When you wake up in the morning, your body will feel the fresh feeling In the chest, Eve and the benefits of air in the morning can refresh your body because of coolness in the morning.

2. Fresh Air

Furthermore, if you wake up in the morning, you will get fresh air compared to the air during the day and in the afternoon certainly different. If you wake up in the morning you get fresh air and very useful in breathing compared to air that has been mixed with exhaust pollution motor, car or other vehicle and factory pollution.

3. Blood Circulation

If you have been breathing the air in the morning, unconsciously you have circulated blood in your body. in the morning the air is actually clean and has entered into your body that will make your blood flow to be smooth.

because everything in karnakan benefits of oxygen that enters the body is the best oxygen from other oxygen.

4. Brain Works Maximum

Previously you have launched blood peredran by karna that Maximum blood flow with oxygen flow to the brain smoothly can improve and maximize the function of brain function of your head.

5.performance Memory Recall

After that If the brain works optimally, your brain memory memory will increase. That’s what can make a person’s memory can be greatly improved from before. Parents who often get up in the morning and breathe the air in the morning will not easily forget or senile compared with people who never get up in the morning and breathe the morning air.

6. Lungs

When the respiratory organs are given by you a good quality oxygen, your respiratory organs will become healthy wal’afiat, including the lungs.

When the clean air that enters the body will not contaminate your lungs, it is different when the lungs breathe dirty air full of pollution. The air will be able to contaminate the lungs and cause various lung diseases such as lung spots and many other things.

7. The heart becomes healthy

If your blood circulation becomes smooth, your lungs have got good oxygen, other organs will be healthy for example is the heart. Various heart diseases are caused by the flow of blood and oxygen flowing into the heart slightly more than before. If your blood flow and oxygen to the heart smoothly, then the heart can be healthy and perform its function optimally.

8. The Immune System Increases

In the morning air or good oxygen inhaled by you this makes the immune system in the body will increase. This is because the morning air is very good to form a substance anti body is maximal. These antibodies are useful in immune system formation and boost your immune system.

9. Avoid From Yellow Disease

Wake up in the morning sunlight contains the benefits of vitamin D, at half past six to nine sunlight is very good for your body’s health. After 9 o’clock in the morning, protect yourself from the sun’s cahya.

Because at 9 o’clock onwards, sunlight is toxic and can damage cells on the skin surface.

If you have been breathing in the morning air and letting your body be exposed to the benefits of the morning sun can keep you away from jaundice.

Same with babies. Babies are encouraged to get sunlight in the morning because Babies are very susceptible to jaundice,

jaundice is a disease where the body’s skin becomes yellow and wrinkles. Jaundice can be caused by a lack of vitamin D in the body.

Bone Health

Sunlight in the morning is also rich in potassium, potassium is very beneficial for bone health.

this potassium content if it has entered into the body can make your bones become healthy and avoid bone loss. so many of this article I submit

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