5 Brands Of Sewing Machines That Are Often Used By Tailors

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This time I want to discuss about the 5 brands of sewing machine. Because of some of the incoming email always ask “sewing machine brands the most good ?” .

I still wear brands sewing machines brother, janome obras machine, so but asked what brand is good, really confused lah.. Since I am the person is heterogeneous.


But of the many emails that come with the same question, I feel challenged make known the brand sewing machines. Out of his achievements, its history, its plant, target, focus to sales and so on. All of the information can be from googling the website and wikipedia. Foila! You guys need not bother, I have auto summary kok in this post.


Well not good what I’m so doain I let saucy and trim well,

you knows 5 brands of sewing machines that are often used by tailors


1. singer

 5 brands sewing machine

sewing machine singer

Early standing in the year 1851, the Singer is a sewing machine that comes from America. Its history is long, and has gone through a lot of things ranging from the first world war, the second. If the certain is full length, please check into Wikipedia Yes. Can the said singer was the first company that sells sewing machines. 2006 singer dominate husqvarna viking and paff sewing machine brands, both of which are popular in Europe. Now they join and become SVP

2.Brother (welcome.brother.com)

Brother enterprises from Japan, is not a special brand to sell sewing machines. So if you look at the streets brand printer brother, it’s not wrong. Sewing machine and the machine became the top selling brother obras at amazon.com. Brother claimed in the year 2012 in September managed to produce 50juta home sewing. Has a factory in china to manufacture sewing machine, in Taiwan to manufacture computerized sewing machines, embroidery machines and obras machine. In 2012 opened a new factory in Vietnam, dongnai


3. the Janome (www.janome.com )

Sewing machine company that originated in Japan stands in 1935, producing sewing machines, quilt, obras, embroidery and others Including portable, computerized and software updates. The name janome means “eye of the serpent”, the name was taken because of the look of the bobbin janome products such as snake eyes, and this bobbin is used until today. JANOME has factories in taiwan, Japan and Thailand. Product has been marketed in 100 countries throughout the world. In 2000 the janome took over Elna embroidery sewing machine and producing high-end

4. Juki (www.juki.co.jp )

Juki is a Japanese sewing machine company, known for its production of industrial sewing machines. But in addition to the sewing machine industry also produces machines obras, sewing machine portable. Juki has factories in Japan, China, and USA. Its products have been marketed in 150 countries. Already ISO 14001 and ISO 9002


5.Butterfly (www.web.bfiec.com )

company’s sewing machine origin China has been established since 1919. The Butterfly has been producing industrial sewing machine and sewing machine home. Sewing machine buterfly already marketed in 100 countries.


Well already know, with perhaps his sewing machine brands. Indeed choosing a sewing machine brand the heck is tantamount to choosing electronic equipment or mobile, according to our needs and budget. So it cannot at same averaged between a mother and the mother of C.


Oh when there are wrong-wrong information, please forgive, because all his puree from browsing websites and Wikipedia

Had Previously thank you for reading,

5 brands of sewing machines that are often used


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