Being A Good Person And Loved Many People

sewing machine - 30 October 2017, By cingiler

​Being a good person is everyone’s desire, a good person is a person who can bring good for the surrounding, for family, relatives, friends, friends and all around

We live in harmony with nature and the environment, there are different kinds of people with their individual characters. As human beings living in Indonesia who are famous for pluraalism, we value the differences more and always be kind to anyone. One of the important lessons that the people of Indonesia is known as a friendly society. It is also a characteristic of the Indonesian state where there is always a tolerance and caring attitude towards fellow human beings.

In this discussion we will not discuss about life in this country, far from that we will discuss about how to be a good person that reflects a good personality, polite and this is also a benchmark of one’s behavior.

Being a good person and being loved by many people is a wonderful thing in life. When we are able to behave, others will appreciate us, they will do the same. But the problem is how to be a good person?

Maybe we are not so concerned with these trivial things, but in reality our attitude determines our success. Simple example is before we work in a company we usually get an interview test. The test is done to find out how far our knowledge and attitude will be the field that we will do. If only in answering the question we are not able to show a good attitude, usually we will not pass the interview test. In contrast to the person who is well expressed opinion with attitude and good words. Automatically they will be accepted work.

This is the cause of the consequences of having a good personality such as the needs that every time we must run. Do not just when we want something new we show good attitude, but when not asked we will return to the usual attitude. Of course this will not work well, because basically a good personality can not be made up especially in engineering whenever we want.

Being a good person can begin by knowing ourselves, recognizing parts of ourselves, sometimes we live in controlled by our ego, anger and desires. The three things tersbeut very basic, if the three things tersbeut can be organized then mind will be always positive, if positive then life will be good. If we can recognize ourselves and arrange, then our character will be interesting and fun as well as strong to face all the conditions that arise. It is then that we can spread goodness to the whole universe.

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