How To Use A Sewing Machine Correctly

sewing machine - 15 February 2017, By cingiler
sewing machine manual

sewing machine

Sewing machines are very useful for human beings. Sewing machine could make us more cool with results from the sewing machines of which shirts, pants and others, without any sewing machine maybe we will not use the clothes us beautiful us this.

the sewing machine is indeed small, but has a value to. How to use a sewing machine belongs to easy-easily distress. Treading with our expertise using the sewing machine, if we’re clever use of the sewing machine of course the result will be a very satisfying result mahogany, it depends on the results of the author,


On advise buying a sewing machine pretty good let me not disturb result of sewing machine her stitches less good when Sometimes dashed on linen, or his swing is less stable (if the sewing machine manual) and the thread of sewing machines result rather not sewing the first seam of sometimes jump up to the next stitch distance is too far.

The problems that arise when one does not know about how to use a sewing machine. So it only goes to your heart, without the correct and precise engineering.

Well this time I will teach you how to use a sewing machine. Before sewing tools needed to prepare, including skoci, thread, the coil. Sewing machine tools which will be prepared is the sewing machine manual.

Sewing machine manual sewing machine that is using the feet to move the machine.How to use a sewing machine correctly is

  1. Removing the engine head
    The thing to do is open the sewing machine cover the upper part of the machine head is then issued and above, install the strap the wheel and position treadle.
  2. Fill out the coil/spool
    In filling out the coils don’t get too full and must align in order not to interfere in sewing, how to put up a thread on the coil: put the coil into the thread rolling up on the wire that protrudes on the next thread rolling thread rolling is pressed downwards so that the coil cannot be separated.
    Next attach the mast up to the threads on the coil
    Next start filling the reel with the step on the bottom to move the sewing machine. After full release coil from rolling the threads, and then insert the coil into the House of the coil (skoci) and leaving only the ends of the yarn to tuck in the cracks skoci.
  3. Set the thread tension
    Set the thread tension of the machine there are 2 (two) were the first on the left side of the sewing machine, usually numbered and the second is at skoci couplers. To sew normally use numbers 3-4. The greater the number the more toned and small number loose too slack.
    A good Setikan in the upper and lower threads crossed the middle layers of the fabric.
    Setikan less well when the upper thread Tension top thread Tension is too tight or too slack.
  4. Sets the distance setikan
    The figures are contained on the disc of the right engine is to sew the shorter length/rift his close setikan.
    Figure 6-7 to setikan rift
    Figure 12-15 for the setikan are commonly used
    Figure 20-30 setikan for most meetings.
    If a reflexive JAB raised over once then stitches would withdraw this amplifier can be used for ends of seams.
  5. Install the needle
    Needle machine there are two parts that is flat and convex. Lift the pole place install needle then the next needle in loosen the needle couplers incorporated and couplers and fastened. Note the horizontal part of the needle facing out insert the thread from the left. Use the needle number corresponds to the thickness of the fabric.

1. The needle is mounted too high/low will lead to setikan jumping.
2. If the needle is mounted upside down will result in intermittent thread.

  1. Install the coil and skoci on home skoci
    Note skoci is in the hands of the left and right direction, others have a coil of yarn down contrary to the ENE of entry threads on skoci
    Insert the coil into the thread and pull skoci enters the NNW line thread
    To enter into the machine skoci don’t forget holding the ends of the lever so that the coil is not loose skoci. Go to home plate, then enter skoci skoci by holding the tip of the lever, the tip of the stalk skoci facing upwards and the inclusion must fit until a click sound is heard.
  2. Install the upper thread


How to install upper thread sewing machine manual is the U.S. follows:
a. Insert the threads on the top of the thread class
b. thread the hook miss out on the back of the
c. Miss dish on comment threads
d. Enter the hole in the lever threads
e. Enter the on-hook hook the thread below
f. Next entered to a pinhole.


  1. Removing the bottom thread
    To remove the bottom threads of the trick is to raise the pole of the needle and then tusk the needle down while holding the ends of the yarn over the needle, lift the back to pick up the threads of the bottom next put both the upper and lower thread to the pinhole.

Now of course already familiar with how to use a sewing machine, simply follow the instructions that you will be able to use it. The US long us installing parts of its parts fit and move its stable, sure you can make a nice seam. The workings of a sewing machine are like this.

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Next attach the mast up to the threads on the coil


On advise buying a sewing machine pretty good let me not mengaggu result of sewing machine jahitnya less good when Sometimes linen dashed on, or ayunan-nya is less stable (if sewing machine manual) and the thread of sewing machines result rather not sewing the first seam of sometimes jump up to the next stitch distance is too far.



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