Lace Front Sew In Weave

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Lace Front Sew In Weave

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The cost for prosperous will vary betting on every women’s tastes and status; but as of recent skinny hair and loss of natural hair has become the worth many ladies square measure paying to “look good”.

So many girls square measure subsiding for pain, skinny hair and even bald spots once removing fusion extensions, bonding glue or dreadlocks/ braids. it’s unacceptable. it’s unhealthy to loose hair once removing these hair designs, however such a lot of girls feel it’s a sacrifice they have to pay.

When a girls wears any sort of hairstyle for four weeks or additional the hair will become dry, and crammed with build from mud, sweat, and oils. The natural hair will even begin to induce matted sort of a lock. And once the natural hair is mixed with hair attachments there’s an inclination for the hair to tangle in with the add-on hair because it gets older. ***You higher get the Take Down Removal Cream****

With this information,

women must use caution when having these hair styles removed-that way they won’t have to be compelled to accept pain, hair loss or thin hair. Stylists are not taking the time to care for their clients hair by being trained in proper removal of hairstyles. They just experiment with different products which can cause adverse reactions to the scalp.

Alopecia, scalp discolorations, white spots and persistant flaking of the scalp (dandruff) are alll byproducts that have been on the increase due to improper removal methods. Improper removal of the adhesive for Lace Frontal wigs and extensions are causing some women to lose their whole frontal hairline. It is unacceptable.

The natural hair of a women is her crown and glory, and should be cared for and maintained no matter what hairstyle she is adorning. Hair is a women’s God given natural beauty and when we do not take the time to care for our hair, or demand that our stylist respects our hair; it is a manifestation of lack of self worth and love of self.

It is so disheartening that nowadays the crown and glory of a women is based on which type of hair extension she is wearing, I.e Spanish Wavy, Brazillian Silky or Asian Yaki.

There are many products on the market that are specifically created for removing any type of braid style, weave, hair extension or even dreadlocks. It is up to every women to ask and do the research.

Hairdressers are talented and they need to sincerely value this talent by properly applying and removing add-on hair or hair attachments. If a stylist does not know the proper method of removing any particular hairstyle, do not put it in your clients hair!

It is never too late to save your hair, start loving your natural hair today.

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