Sew Cool Sewing Machine In 2017

sewing machine - 13 July 2017, By cingiler

sew cool sewing machineThis time I will discuss about sew cool sewing machine.
Try to see the picture below and I will give some of its features and benefits.


Features & Benefits of cool sewing machine in 2017 :sew-cool_sewing-machine

Built in needle guard to ensure safety
Sew Cool Sewing Machine
8 x sheets Cool Sew Fabrics
3 x pre-cut project
3 x pop-out patterns
14 x pre-cut decorative pieces
8 x plastic buttons
Sew the coolest bag straps
Bag stuffing loose


The needle has various parts with different functions during the sewing process as listed below:

The base
The base of the base serves as a place to insert the needle into the home of the needle / pinch needle
The thicker part of the needle is clamped by a needle pin or needle screw. This section sustains the entire needle as an additional force
The center between the shank and the sharp part of the needle
The Needle Sharp Part
The needle part extends from the top of the needle to the eye of the needle. This part is exposed to friction the most and become heated   when penetrating the fabric
A long needle groove
This section is located on one side of a pointed needle section to support the smooth process of yarn drawing and become a protective part when the yarn is pulled down through the fabric during the process of formation of the sewing formation
Short needle groove
This section is on the other side of a long needle groove, facing the shuttle, hook, or looper and helping the process of forming a knot on the thread
Needle eyes
The eye of the needle is located at the bottom of the pointed needle. The thread is inserted through this section
The Sunken part
This section is the cut-off distance of the pointed needle just above the needle part that helps minimize the distance of the shuttle, hook, or looper suit with the needle
Needle tip
The tip of the needle has a special shape to easily fit into the fabric being sutured according to the nature of each fabric and the desired stitch effect
Point of End Needle
The needle needle point shape is so special combined with the needle tip being the main factor in the penetration of the needle into the fabric
Other sections
Most needles are made with these sections but there are also a number of exceptions. Some needles are made for a particular sewing process or are designed specifically for a particular sewing machine

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