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talking a little bit about Omaha is a municipality in 

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It is indeed very frustrating if while it is fun to stitch all of a sudden the results our stitches become less nice just because of our sewing machines that are having problems. What if we just learn to sew, stuff can be so will make our sewing interest had faded into a fiery.

The following will be a bit I love the information about the damage that is common on a sewing machine and how to fix it.

Sewing Machine repair omaha

Top stitching thread is often lost.

The cause of the disorder: first because of the sewing thread is concerned due to sew with the wrong direction (round kebalik). The second cause of installing the needle too and lead to tension the thread is too big and easily broken. A third cause of the yarn is too coarse or too fine, not in accordance with the type of fabric that is sewn, tuned in to between threads and stitched fabrics, as well as the number of needles.


Make sure the round wheel machine is not overturned despite only briefly (some rounds)

Make sure the position of the needle of a sewing machine is just right in place, not too high is not too low.

Adjust the number of threads and the number of needles in accordance with fabric that is sewn.

Sewing thread bottom often break up

Causes of interference: the lower thread is rolled on the spool/coil with untidy, voltage threads on the lifeboat is too large, or round thread bottom kebalik (should be round the coil counter-clockwise thread), or cause other imperfect thread line through lifeboat.


Check the mounting of the spool of thread on the lifeboat, when the yarn is pulled please make sure the direction of rotation of the spool counter-clockwise

Make sure the path threads down past the lifeboat House already installed correctly

The results of the stitches are not strong/slack.

The cause of the disruption: because the upper and lower thread is not balanced (toned side).


Adjust the upper thread tension be balanced with lower thread tension

When the upper thread slack, turn the regulator to the right upper thread tension, until the results of the seam stronger and kenceng.

When the upper thread too kenceng, turn left onto upper thread tension control, until the results of the seam stronger .

The result can be strong and flat seam when the tension of the upper thread and lower thread tension balance, equal seretnya, at the rate of keseretan the pas.

Fabric stitch results shrinks evenly

The cause of the disruption: because the thread tension too strong. Often because there was an error installing the thread down, could the spool upside down or the thread is not passing the right path so that the lower thread tension too strong, but offset by turning the upper thread tension regulator until balanced tension of linen.

As a result the upper and lower thread tensions can be balanced but too strong tension of linen stitch

, the results are too strong can make fabrics regular stitches evenly along the seam.


Check back the lifeboat engine, be sure to position the thread under the already established are not too drag the colour

Turn to the left upper thread tension regulator to balance the thread tension with thread matching bottom.

Scrunch cloth stitching results uneven (wrinkle skip)

The cause of the disruption: because the sewing machine needle had already been blunt, not sharp anymore. When the needles fall interrupted threads sewn stitch, the results were normal. But when the blunt needle right fell on the position of the threads woven fabrics, then the fabric will be attracted to join the blunt threads, and wrinkles, his wrinkles are therefore bounding.


Replace the needle with a sewing machine that is still sharp. select needle a quality machine in order for more durable.

Machine is not smoothly and noisy.

The cause of the disruption: because the sewing machine dry (less lubricating oil) or are there remnants of yarn-thread stuck in the machine off or there is a buildup of dust and the rest of the fabric fibers on the teeth of the machine.


Clean the sewing machine from the fibers of the cloth and thread that was left around teeth machine using a brush.

Give the lubricating oil on the throat plate (cover teeth) with a good quality lubricant. (if necessary, before cleaning the machine unplug the first dental cover by removing two bolts that mounted in the cover of the teeth).

Give the lubricating oil on the parts of the engine which caused friction at the time of the machine are spinning.

Thus the article this time on “ sewing machines repair omaha“. Hopefully helpful made you all.

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