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sewing machine

sewing machine

Sewing machine is the main tool to create a clothing products, in addition to the main ingredient fabric and sewing thread. In accordance with the need for sewing, sewing machine is made by function, as will be discussed at this time and based on what I know during a cobbled street in convection and garment, may be a reference for you who want to start to open a business convection.

As the name implies sewing machine, sewing machine serves to combine parts of one with the other part, the intent of “parts” here are elements that will be incorporated into a finished product textile, like the sleeves, collar, body, which is made based on the pattern. The number of elements in the clothing section depends on the pattern of finished textile products we make.

The use of the sewing machine is intended to speed up the process so that the time that is required to make the finished textile products more quickly and neatly, and the effect on production costs. Especially for a garment company which put more pressure on production costs with good results.
Back to our topic about the kinds and types of sewing machines, here we discuss the sewing machine

1. Sewing Machines Classic


Who does not know this sewing machine, before there is no machine sewing machine sewing by hand, precisely because of her sewing machine is made by hand to move the machine,

Perhaps this sewing machine forerunner before the revolution with today’s digital era. the way it works is quite easy and very cheap, the sewing machine is initially in motion with the legs but with the passage of time to facilitate the work then there is a dynamo which is sold separately, of course, to speed up the process of sewing.


2. Sewing Machine High-Speed
The sewing machine has been to use the machine at high speed, this machine users must have specialized expertise, with a system that is equipped with its own thread cutter and lock stitch at the beginning and at the end of sewing. Using a sewing machine stitching provide good quality, quantity suturing will be more efficient so that the rate of more time-efficient, and certainly will reduce cost of production.


If you want to make the effort convection should use this sewing machine, because the price is still included intermediate prices may be said quite cheap, for machines mark on the price of 1 million only depending on the condition of the engine. Cheap prices in Balance stitching good quality plus many already skilled at using this sewing machine, be considered itself to activist’s convection and garment enterprises. The number of people who are able and expert, as an entrepreneur you do not need to teach you how to use it.


3. Automatic Sewing Machine / Digital
Digital Era is currently the sewing machine manufacturers also do not want outdated, those of participating in this digital age, the producers wanted to indulge customers. One of them is a sewing machine. equipped with a computer system and a high-speed sensation and gives you a new touch on this sewing machine. How not feature on this machine is complete, simply by pressing the current configuration of the body of the machine, we can get different types of stitches,


The price offered was bivariate starts at 5 million, the price given in accordance with the features given in this digital sewing machine, its more complete then it is ready – ready was to spend more.


Initially the use of the sewing machine of this type may be a little difficult because of the many features available, although there has been some machines that use a monitor, preferably manual book You do not want the store is too far away from this machine. Digital sewing machine is suitable for the creative industry due to variation in machine stitching is quite a lot, so our creativity can be channeled in this sewing machine.


4. Sewing Machine Obras
suitable for overclocking and overedging lightweight materials and intermediate lubrication automatically and the excellent performance low sewing tension. Make the stitches neat and contained cutting blades on this machine, as for example in jeans stitches, sutures stronger, obras machine is in use at the end of the sewing work.


5. Button Hole Machine
of the names we’ve been able to guess the function of this sewing machine. This machine is used to make sutures in or for producing a buttonhole. So that the hole buttons that have been torn not torn or elongated nowhere, with the new engine gives sewing button holes for fasteners limit itself. For example, as in shirts, pants, suits and other accessories that use buttons.
In some specific types can be both for buttoning, making it more efficient. The price is quite expensive


6. Double Chain Sewing Machine Needles (Distro)
This machine adopts the mechanism of needle type feed mechanism, taking and catching to produce two lines


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