Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets

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Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets

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Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets

The Singer company has been manufacturing stitching appliances and accessories since 1851. several of the company’s merchandise ar valued as collectible antiques and vintage things, therefore properly characteristic your Singer unit is a crucial a part of estimating its age and price. to form this method easier for the buyer, Singer publishes an in depth list of model numbers and dates on its web site. you’ll be able to use this list to spot machines, mounts and stitching centers.

• Look for the “Singer” brand to verify that the cupboard could be a Singer; the brand takes 3 primary forms: the word “Singer,” an ornamental “S” with scroll-work, Associate in Nursingd an “S” bearing the text “Singer stitching Machines” ahead of a dressmaker.

• Check for a manufacturer’s label, model variety or year on the face, within or back of the cabinet this info could also be written on a paper label. rummage around for this data on the concomitant home appliance if it is not found on the cupboard.

• Look up the model variety and year on the Singer or International home appliance Collectors’ Society web site (

• Contact Singer client affairs for help characteristic the piece. Take pictures and note salient options like construction material, color and also the form of door pull so you’ll be able to give correct info to hurry up the method. Contact Singer at 1-800-4-Singer or

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Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets

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